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Registration Information:

Registrations are accepted all year round depending on the vacancies (However, it is preferable for the child to start at the beginning of the semester). We accept children between the ages of 2 to 4 ˝ years old as follows:

Level One : 2 - 2 ˝ years Level Two : 2 ˝ - 3 ˝ years Level Three : 3 ˝ - 4 ˝ years

In addition to the regular teacher- parents conference held twice a year, parents can check their children’s progress whenever they want by arranging a meeting with the Nursery’s principal.

Tuition Fee:

The Tuition Fee For the Academic Year 2014-2015 is 1800 KD PLUS A NON REFUNDABLE FEE OF 150 KD

The Annual Tuition Fee is paid in three installments throughout the Academic year.

First Payment     :   September 720 KD
Second Payment :   December 540 KD
Third Payment    :   March 540 KD

Getting Ready to Start :

To settle your child into nursery as quickly and as happily as possible, we recommend the following:

Prepare your child for the Nursery by talking to him/her in advance.
Attend class with your child the first 2- 3 days for around 1 to 2 hours.
Help your child feel that there is a good connection between you and the teacher so that the child would feel safe with her when you are not there.
Try to enter the classroom with a positive and confident attitude so that your child will know that you are happy in the new environment.
After the third day, please try to make your “goodbye” as brief and cheerful as possible. It will make your child feel worse if you spend a lot of time with him/her before you leave the class.
When you collect your child, always ask him/her about their day at the Nursery and the different activities he/she has accomplished. Act positively and show encouragement and appreciation.
Upon collecting the child, you or the nanny should sign on a special form to ensure security. You should also inform us about the name of the person/s who’s allowed to collect your child.
Please inform us of any new or irregular situation that might take place at home such as house moving, birth of a new child, or other situations. Your child may need special attention during these difficult times.
Birthdays: If parents wish to celebrate their child’s birthday, they are required to inform the class teacher in advance. If a special performance is going to take place such as dancing characters, magician, etc… the parents then should inform the administration or the Principal in order to be able to arrange for the occasion.

What to bring to the Nursery :

Children are expected to bring their own snack from home, however, junk and unhealthy food such as chips and chocolate are not allowed.

Please make sure you bring the following:

One set of clothing for children in case of accident
One pack of nappies (for those in need)
Wet wipes or cream (optional)
Lunch box for the food the child brings to school, labeled with his/her name (make sure the snack contains healthy food only)
  For Queries & Comments mail us at info@kuwaitmontessori.com or kuwaitmontessori@hotmail.com